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Want To Provide High-quality Food to Your Family on a Budget?
Get Access to the Proven System That Will Help Lower Your Food Budget without Sacrificing Quality!

"Are you struggling to believe that Saving Money On Real Food is Actually possible?"

 Hi! My name is Victoria Pruett, and I've been blogging at AModernHomestead.com for almost 9 years. I live on a working homestead with my husband and son. I love knitting or reading a good book with a cup of hot tea, and I adore the fact that I get to make a living from my home. 

But that wasn't always the case... 

I remember when I quit my job in 2015 to stay at home with my son... I was thrilled but knew that surviving on one small income was going to be tough. 

Food was my number one concern - I wanted to be able to eat good, real food on a budget. 

The number of times I heard stay-at-home moms joke about only being able to afford junk food really had me worried. I didn't want to sacrifice the food that my family loved and felt best eating... I knew there had to be a better way.

A beautiful basket of Organic Food that I never thought I could afford!

I started researching all the tried and true ways to save money on food - everything from keeping a price book to recipe audits, and more! Quickly, I realized that I could keep the food we loved AND save real money! 

With my new system, we were spending less than $2 per serving for REAL, organic food that we already loved! 

For the last 7 years, I've been blessed with the opportunity to share this system with thousands of families just like yours!
I want YOU to be able to leverage this system to make real food more affordable for your family (without the stress!)

I didn't have the confidence to start food budgeting earlier, and I just wish someone had been able to help me overcome the obstacles that were standing in my way. 

Today I want to give you the boost I wish I had been given - a full training course with all my tips and tricks for Meal Planning, Time Management, Food Savings, and so much more!

This course will make it easy for you to see EXACTLY how to leverage your budget to buy better food for less! 

Claim your access now and we'll get you started with the Food Budget Masterclass immediately!

"Great info, to help with informing you and educating you on analyzing the costs of meals and groceries! I like the knowledge of knowing which meals are cheaper to make so I can rotate those more frequently. I love knowing what to buy at which store for the best price!"

Laura B.
Finally Understand EXACTLY How You Can Save Money On High-Quality Foods!

   Start Saving on Organic Produce and Grass-Fed Meats

   Avoid Wasted Leftovers and Spoiled Produce

   Make it Easy To Save with ANY Dietary Needs

   Quickly Create a Meal Plan Your Family Will Actually Eat!

   ​Learn Time Management Tricks to Simplify Your Life

   STOP Wondering If You're Getting a Good Price

   Get Started in Less than 2 HOURS!

         ... and so much more!

"The TRUTH about Budgeting... that MOST People will Never Know!"
Alright friend...

The truth is - most people fail miserably trying to save money on food. 

Why? Because they have no idea how to leverage the current system to their advantage and end up spending more than ever. 

I’ve seen people on a "tight food budget" spending $500 per person on food each month while trying to shop sales and find coupons - while other families follow this system and spend less than $2 per meal on foods they love WITHOUT coupons! 

A snapped a picture of the first time we were able to buy organic produce in bulk for canning. What a day!

How is that possible??

Well, one family knows how to properly leverage their menu and shopping options, while the other doesn’t! If you need to create a trusted food budget that you can maintain without coupons, but don't know where to start... 

Then, this revolutionary system is the answer you've been looking for! 

Skip straight to the good part, without spending an arm and a leg to get there! 

No more grocery guilt, or thousands of dollars for food your family won't eat - just real food, without coupons using tried-and-true methods!

Saving Money on Good Food is simple, when you have All the Information!

If you are worried about the quality of food you can afford, you are NOT alone! In fact, this is the number one issue for most people as they try to manage their food budgets.

How do you buy organic produce and grass-fed/pastured meats on a budget, is it possible? 

Yes! Don't worry, I've done all the hard work for you!

Inside this training, I will walk you through the entire process (with videos and worksheets) so that you can feel confident in your efforts!

And you can fully customize your meal plans for your family and your dietary needs!

Here's Exactly What you'll Get:

Instant Access to Food Budget Masterclass - ($97 Value) ​

2-Hour Quick Start Guide  - ($97 Value) ​

Ready to Print 5-Week Meal Plan ($47 Value)

5-Week Meal Plan (Top 9 Allergy Free) ($47 Value)

Automated Meal Planning Tools - ($97 Value) ​

6 Tips for Saving on High-Quality Meats -

10 Tips for Saving on Organic and Local Produce - 

... and so much more!

For Only $47.00

Yep... for about the price of a family dinner out, you can get access to the system that took me years to perfect...

There Is NO CATCH!

Nope, absolutely no catch! 

It's my mission is to help as many people as I can to create the same food and financial freedom that my family is blessed to enjoy today! 

After helping thousands of other families on their path to food savings, I'm excited to be able to help you too!

Now You're At A Crossroads...
Is your food budget doomed to failure without this information? No, but you will have to spend more time and energy figuring it all out.

That means less time for family and fun... 

and more time before you find your own Budgeting Success.

Plus, This Insider Video Comes With My #LearnWithVictoria Guarantee.

I’m so confident in this set of information that I’m happy to offer this guarantee: If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with your purchase, and you aren’t deeply satisfied with your newfound confidence in your budgeting skills, let me know. If you’re within 5 days of your purchase, I’ll refund your purchase price!

To Recap, Here's Everything You'll Get Today
When You Order The Full Training Course "Food Budget Masterclass"...
YES VICTORIA! Give Me Instant Access To 'Food Budget Masterclass' RIGHT NOW For Just $47.00 !

Instant Access to Food Budget Masterclass - ($97 Value) ​

2-Hour Quick Start Guide  - ($97 Value) ​

Ready to Print 5-Week Meal Plan ($47 Value)

5-Week Meal Plan (Top 9 Allergy Free) ($47 Value)

Automated Meal Planning Tools - ($97 Value) ​

6 Tips for Saving on High-Quality Meats -

10 Tips for Saving on Organic and Local Produce - 

... and so much more!

For Only $47.00

Claim your access now before the course closes at midnight on May 20th and becomes completely unavailable for at least 6 months!

Ok, with all that said, I hope you enjoy this wealth of information for saving money on real food!

I want to put this in your hands because I know it can help transform your food budget, just like it did mine!

Thanks again,


P.S. TL;DR? Just wanted to skip to the bottom line? Here it is!  

Bottom Line: If you're having trouble believing that you really can save money while still eating high-quality foods, this training course is what you need! 

I want to give you the boost I wish I had been given - a full course with all my tips and tricks for finding the best prices, making and sticking to a meal plan, keeping food from going bad, and so much more!

This course will make it easy for you to see EXACTLY how to turn your budgeting frustration into success. 

Claim your access now before this open enrollment period ends!

YES VICTORIA! Give Me Access To 'Food Budget Masterclass' RIGHT NOW Before it Goes Away!

Claim your access now before the open enrollment period ends and it becomes completely unavailable for at least 3 months!

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Have More Questions? 
  • Is Food Budget Masterclass right for me?
    The short answer is that if you want to dive in and create a useful, practical, and effective plan for saving money on high-quality food without needing to use coupons, then YES.

    The longer answer is this: ​Food Budget Masterclass​ is for anyone who wants to reduce their food costs without sacrificing quality, but isn't sure where to start (or is having trouble figuring it out on their own). It's for anyone who has been overwhelmed by rising food prices... yet is still committed to not feeding their family junk food.

    ​Food Budget Masterclass​ is designed to take the mystery out of food budgeting, meal planning, bulk shopping, and so much more!
  • But I use a lot of specialty ingredients...
    I totally understand! When I first started creating this system, it was so I could continue to afford einkorn flour and raw milk, as well as all organic produce. Those items are super expensive compared to their modern counterparts! But I was still able to see huge savings with a structured system and an understanding of how to strategically use those items in a way that didn't bust my budget. So yes! You can see big savings even if your diet regularly includes high-dollar items!
  • I don't live in the USA, can I still save money?
    Yes! Savings are relative. I do give pricing in the system for the various recipes, and they are based on the USDA national average for the ingredients in a given recipe. However, the percentage of savings will still be similar in your area. Bottom line: In January 2023 the average American family of 4 is spending $1,047 to $1,576 on their groceries according to the USDA. This is for NON-organic produce and NON-grass-fed meats. I'm going to show you how to cut that by 44% on day one with an amazing, ready-to-print meal plan that uses all organic produce, grass-fed/pastured meats, and none of the top 9 allergens!* Real food for less than most people are spending on poor quality foods! And that will be a savings you can enjoy no matter where you live, it's all relative! *Remember, you don't have to use my recipes to see savings, it's just an optional tool to help you jump-start your savings.
  • My kids are really picky eaters, will they eat this food?
    Yes! And here's why... because this system is created to use YOUR food choices. You don't have to eat the recipes I've included, I'm going to show you how to eat the food your family already enjoys and how to save money easily doing so. Your kids can still enjoy the foods they love (and will tolerate) and you can breathe easy as you save money!
  • Do I have access FOREVER? Is Food Budget Masterclass self-paced?
    Although the goal of the course is for you to have your food budget game plan in place quickly, you don't have to do this. You can take as much time as you need because you never lose access to the materials. It's not like other schools, where you only have a few months to access your course. You own the materials for as long as ​Food Budget Masterclass​ is available... basically, as long as the internet is around. HOWEVER, I would encourage you to do the lessons entitled "Quick Start Guide" and "Start Saving in 2 Hours or Less" on day one. I think you'll be shocked at how quickly you can start seeing savings!
  • Is there a Facebook group for the Food Budget Masterclass?
    This course does not include a Facebook group. I've done that before and it has caused people a lot of stress and has been more of a distraction for people (so they end up having a harder time reaching their goals). Instead, each lesson will have comments turned on so you can ask questions there. This will be like a mini community that you can participate in if you'd like, but it won't have the distractions of social media!I want everyone to be able to use their time well, instead of getting sucked into Facebook Reels, lol.
  • What is the refund policy?
    ​If you decide you don't want to go through ​Food Budget Masterclass​ after you buy it, then please ask for a refund within five days of purchase. This is enough time for you to look everything over and know if it's for you. I know you'll be super happy with everything that's included, though!
  • How will I be most successful in this program?
    Success in any course requires that you take consistent, focused action, that you show up, and that you take the time to apply what you're learning and complete the planning and creation portions of the course. The bottom line is that you can't expect ​Food Budget Masterclass​ to work magically for you. You need to do the work. With that said, Food Budget Masterclass is laid out to make the process as easy and simple as possible! When I started my own journey into food budgeting, I didn't have support at all. It took me YEARS to get to where you can be in just a few days with some effort and by taking advantage of the lessons and practices I've laid out inside this training. Bottom Line: If you're having trouble believing that you really can save money while still eating really high-quality foods, this training course is what you need!
  • I'm already SO busy. How much time will this take?
    ​I totally get you on being busy. That's why I'm so happy that the ​Food Budget Masterclass​ can be as flexible or as intensive as you want it to be. If you want the fast-track option, then you'll need to commit to anywhere between five and ten hours of total effort. You can also take your time and go through it more slowly. It's up to you. If life happens, or you just can't get to it now, you can go through the course in the future with a more intensive schedule if you'd like! But the time is now, regardless of how busy you are. If you are ready to see real changes in your food quality and spending habits, don't wait! This course is here to shorten your time spent between starting and success!
  • How will I receive my course?
    You'll get access to the ​Food Budget Masterclass​ course materials right away upon purchase. Check your email for the login links (from Teachable). Please read the "What to Expect" lesson and then dig into the course!
  • Can this course help me if I already have a Meal Plan?
    Yes! If you want to know more about saving money on the foods you're already buying, and making sure that the meals you're using are the best options for your family, and so much more, then this is the course for you! Whether you have a meal plan or even a food budget, you can use these lessons to save even more!
  • Will the course work for my diet?
    Yes! This system is fully designed to help you save money on the food YOU like/need to eat. Whether that's an allergy-free diet, or an all-organic, grass-fed diet (or anything in between), you will find guided help on your journey! I have included a meal plan to help you get started on day one, but you DO NOT have to use it. It includes 18 recipes for delicious food on a budget, and they are all free of the top 9 allergens! However, I've also included a quick start guide for you to create a money-saving meal plan for YOUR needs within 2 hours. Whatever you need, I've included ways to help you save money fast!
  • I really want to do this, but it's too expensive!
    While this is an investment, you only have to save a few dollars on a few grocery trips to make back your investment. This program is designed to pay for itself many times over!
  • I don't even need a course, I can figure this out on my own!
    You're absolutely right, there is a lot of free information out there. But figuring out which methods work, and which order to put them in is going to take a lot of time. Instead, you have the opportunity to know without a doubt that you are doing exactly what you need to in order to be successful. Every process and every step has been tested over and over again to ensure that you have absolutely everything you need on this journey.